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Last week was such a long, busy week and I have had a cold for days now so this may be another quiet week around here so I apologize in advance. I do have some things that I'm working on for Christmas so hopefully I will be giving everyone that info once I figure out exactly what I'm doing.

And thank you to everyone who gave me tips and pointers on sewing stretch fabric. It was all so helpful and I knew you guys would have all the answers!! :) I still need to create a post about what I did to the little baby pants but unfortunately one little girl creative got marker on them so I have to wash them and pray it comes out!

In the meantime, let's link up!

  • Add a link to a specific post not your blog homepage.
  • Can be anything you've been working on from recipes, to sewing, to mod podge, to a before and after, to a room re-do, to...........well you get the idea. :)
  • It would be really cool if you could grab a button and add it to your blog somewhere, I'm not picky.

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Happy Linking!

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  1. Life in Rehab said...:

    You just rest and get better so you can smell your turkey!

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    I am following now, hope you can stop by my blog sometime and return the follow:) Have a great holiday season!

    Big Foot Tribe

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